To the central nervous system in from certain

To the central nervous system in from certain MRI and CT images people have shown that they that am histamine other its mediators am can activate very specific I’m areas in the central nervous system first of all of course are more talk I’m cortex which leads and to La Lumieres stretching process you want to spread when it’s the right it’s also what animals and but are also we have activation of certain other centers am which are involved in the motion our intensification of its and also in the emotional part like suffering ought so in with respect to compulsive stretching in that explains that when at that Haitians also behave differently that some patients are more depressive a.m. and in some ins compulsive stretching also there’s activation of a of pleasure re watt area am where people say okay it’s so great if I just breaks my skin of it feels great so this because am in certain parts of up brain that Cain I’m need to pleasure nests of stretching and that’s why it’s in these patients much more difficult to treat some and to break this edge spread cycle so the brain is a very important part am and in our impeaching process and so far we don’t know really and in which area which mediate and which receptor is important.