Toe Dancing Reduction- Midi Automation Continued- Line 6 M9

Others have figured out how to midi control bank changes on the BB & VL3 with IOS apps. I do not own a VL3. I use a Line 6 M9. I can now control my BB and my line 6 M9 via Onsong.

The Line 6 M9 has 24 scenes. Each scene has 6 effects and any 3 can be chained to use at the same time. Each scene can be called up with a midi command from Onsong. Note: you cannot pre program which 6 effects in each of the 24 scenes are on/off. It simply loads the scene and will remember the last effects in that scene that were on/off. (maybe there is a way but I did not find this necessary because pulling the scenes is good enough for me).

My set up consists of an IPAD mini with Onsong. I also have ios app Midi Guitar 2 & ios app Sampletank on the IPAD. I run my guitar to an A/B switch. One signal A goes to my Line 6 M9. The other signal B goes to an Irig2 then to my IPAD for midi guitar synth. Both signals go to my small onboard mixer and then to my boomerang. My boomerang then goes directly to 1 channel on my PA. The A/B switch allows me to play either keyboard only or guitar only or mix both signals. My voice goes to channel 2 on PA. And BB goes to channel 3.

I use a PUC+ bluetooth wireless midi interface. The ipad then has a PUC+ app that wirelessly connects the ipad midi out to the PUC+ on my board. Then the puc+ on my board has a midi cable out that goes to the Midi in on the BB. My Midi out on BB goes to my Boomerang looper midi in then my boomerang midi out goes out to my Line 6 M9 midi in for clock synching effects to tempo. As I mentioned, this midi infrastructure now sends midi patch change data of the IPAD to PUC+ through BB through Boomerang to my Line 6 and changes scenes and at the same time sends tempo synch data out of the BB to Boomerang to Line 6 M9.

In Onsong on each song with lyrics and chords I enter this type of midi command. MIDI: 0.28:5, 0:05@3, 0:02@9 It does 3 things. 1. It sends the first set of numbers to Beat Buddy and selects the folder and song (in this case Folder 27 and song 4). 2. It sends the 2nd set of numbers to sampletank that is local on my IPAD to control the guitar synth keyboard patch for the song (in this case keyboard patch 6 @midi channel 4). 3. It sends the 3rd set of numbers to Line 6 M9 to select the correct scene (1-24). In this case Scene 2 @ midi channel 10 (I set the midi channel on the line 6 M9 to 10 in the settings area). Note: I have beta 1.6x firmware on BB. Important: I set the BB to Midi Out: Midi Merge.

I have attached a picture of the midi numbers needed to for each scene on the line 6 M9. Probably will make more sense if you own a line 6 M9. I have also attached an image of my board. Maybe this will help someone.

[ATTACH=full]2514[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2515[/ATTACH]

Have you messed with the looping feature of the M9 with the BB?

No - for me it is too many steps to enter looper mode access all of the looper functions all the while still navigating the guitar patches. However, with practice maybe it would be easier. I did read that some have made midi floor pedals that make the M9 looper more accessible. For me I just decided to use the external boomerang.

Maybe you can use OnSong to set up your looper on the songs that you would use it

Do you need that MIDI ON footswitch anymore? The beatbuddy no longer sends midi when it’s not playing.

Ill give it a try again. When I set this to off in BB my boomerang clock was still blinking. Thanks.

Ok after all that long post I think I spoke too soon. I ran into an issue. It appears on “certain songs” my midi command of MIDI: 0.28:5, 05@3, 02@9 that sends from my IPAD to Puc+ midi merge out of BB through Boomerang 3 to my M9 line 6 to change patches is causing my Boomerang 3 to freak out. Others work fine and do not cause my boomerang to freak out. Some songs work fine without issue. Anyhow- I asked BB support for the latest firmware to see if midi merge is the culprit. When I turn midi merge to midi out only my issues go away but then I can’t control my M9. I am no midi expert so if anyone has something for me to try let me know.

Im just starting out with a BB but have a similar intention of using the iPad and Onsong via Bluetooth to a PUC+ to send the midi commands needed to set each device up for each song in the set list. In addition the sync between the BB and the looper has to take care of itself.
So it looks like midi merge required.
I assume to use midi merge each device needs to be on its own midi channel and that channel info must be sent with the required commands for that device. What I don’t yet know is how that command is formatted in Onsong to include the channel number of the device I want to set up.

Can anyone hasten my education and enlighten me? In the original posters Midi command line I wonder if the first 0 is actually the channel number of the device the command intended for.

Another potential problem I see, looking at other posts, may be that I would want to pass the commands through a BB which may not be actually playing at the time.

Any feedback or info from others who may have looked at this would be appreciated to save me testing time.

So much to learn…so little time.