Toggle mode in IOS app does not seem to work?

Hello all. I have been programming the MM with the IOS app experimenting with switching effects on and off on a Vocalive and a GT-Pro, each on separate midi channels. I am able to get all my commands to work and the effects are switching on and off as long as I have different switches for on and off for each command. I cannot seem to get the toggle function to work properly. I have used the same on and off commands on two different buttons and then combined them in one button using toggle. But only the first top command works.

Anyone seen this before or got this working with the IOS app?

ps/. there was a thread on toggle but it shifted to other subjects before it was resolved, and it was on android.

pps/. Update: I have switched to using the Android app using a friends phone. I can get the toggle switches to work using it. So the problem is with the IOS version which is quite incomplete compared to the Android version as we all know. (No trash can for commands or modes, no sliding buttons to copy a button to another, etc…). The Android app crashes a lot or sends back a write error message regularly when downloading to the MM… restarting the MM usually resolved this problem.