Toggle Switch resets after page change

If I change pages a toggle button on the previous page forgets the current status of that button.

I have programmed the MM with two pages.
Page 2 is simple buttons so you can jump to any part 1 through 6
Page 1 has general control functions like next, previous, tap tempo, or accent etc. Some buttons are set to toggle when you press them, like switching from half tempo to normal tempo.

If I press the HALF TEMPO button the labels toggle to NORMAL TEMPO, as do the commands associated. However, sometimes when I am in Half Tempo, I will go to page 2, using the external switch, so I can move between parts. When I do this and return to Page 1 to switch back to Normal Tempo, the button has reset to HALF TEMPO and I need to press it to send the half tempo command again and toggle to the NORMAL TEMPO option. Then I can can activate the Normal Tempo again. This means you have to toggle before the band reverts back to normal tempo otherwise you get the timing wrong.

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Thank you for reporting this we will look into it

Yes Yes … Stay in the toggled state until that button is pushed regardless of how many times you change pages please…

Thank you for the report but this is not easily fixed and we may not be spending resources to fix it at this time,

We apologize for any inconvenience this brings, I will tag as #backlog