Toggling modes

Does one have to kneel down and press the button on the back in order to toggle from BB mode to Aeros mode?? Is there not a way to do that with a footswitch?

Also, is it possible to create a custom layout that will have some commands going to the BB, and some going to the Aeros, on the same page? Or do you have to switch modes to send to the different devices?

From the midi maestro manual:

Holding down both the Bottom-Left and Bottom-Center buttons at the same
time returns the MIDI Maestro to the Main Menu hands-free, so you can
change modes without having to bend down.

Thank you, SytRep.

Any ideas about the creation of a custom mode which will control both(the BB and the Aeros) from the same page, without changing modes?

You can do this with the app, we have been working endlessly to improve the current versions of the app, we have a redesign coming out that will put most issues to rest. If you are an Android user you should have little issue creating a mode to your liking, the iOS version however has room to grow still and lacks some of the Android functionality.

Thank you for your question!

Thank you for the response! I’m looking forward to it. I wasn’t sure what to expect with midi maestro and tweaking midi commands is brand new to me, so I appreciate the answers and the support.