Tom toms too loud


I have had a lot of problems with Tons frequencies when I play PA and at high volumes. No matter how much I lower the volume, the bass of the tons always explodes. The kit I use the most is the ludwing bass. Do you have any advice?
thank you

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My experience with the toms is similar so if I’m using other than the SUB-Standard Pro Plain or SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 kits, I usually lower the velocity of the toms in a DAW (digital audio workstation) by 60-75%. YMMV

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decreasing the volume of the toms in the kits would not be useful? I did but it didn’t fix it

Certainly a technique but because each song may have been programmed with different tom velocities, you might—IMO—find yourself having to adjust the kit frequently. If your favorite kit is the Vintage Ludwig, it might make better sense to adjust the velocities in the songs to the kit—at least that way you have a consistent and known point of departure.

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Are the toms of these kits you mentioned balanced?? if so I can import them into my kits

I actually exported snare, .kick tones, cymbals and crash from the vintage Ludwig kit to all my other kits

I believe Phil_Flood has normalized the drums in these two kits but I would have to defer to him.

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my main kit is bosedorfer 72 with snare , kick. Tom’s, cymbals and crash from ludwing bass kit.

my toms in kits are already at -4.

Hello. I’d like to follow this. Why are the toms so loud in the first place?

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