Tomorrow Never Knows DOP, OPB, OPBk

The Beatles

Notes :

  • added 4 closed HH and the sitar starts on the 4th hit (I know, you traditionalists will flip out but life is too short—get over it and move along as I’m not quite the perfectionist :hear_no_evil: )
  • the v1 & v2 use a different source file than v3 and v5 (the bass is 4 notes on the v2 while it’s the 3-note version bass on v3 and v5)
  • the v5 piano version is the most robust of the versions as it includes the droning sitars represented by keys; has the tracks for organ and the piano coda includes the decrescendo
  • included a working midi file which has the instrument tracks I used
  • the psychedelic nature of this song encourages experimenting with different kits; if you have a delay that can play reverse mode, the guitar part would be nice to run in reverse delay mode

Requires :

  • v1 Vintage Ludwig
  • v2 NP Vintage Ludwig with Bas
  • v3 NP Big Organ with Bass 2 XXRL SPR
  • v5 STAX EPiano & Organ

Includes : 4 songs, MIDI source file, working MIDI and Chords & Lyrics

Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles).zip (150.6 KB)