Too Hot, Kool and the Gang

It’s been some time since I’ve been active on the Forum, so I would like ask if someone has put together a OPBK (ideally) of Too Hot, by Kool $ The Gang, possibly in a jam version. Thanks in advance.

Side note: I have really enjoyed following and seeing the positive growth and evolution of BeatBuddy and the Forum.
Keep groovin friends HH

Too Hot OPBKS.sng (22.1 KB)
Try this one. I kept the strings in. Stax 4 octave piano with strings sounds pretty good but it works with several other kits as well. I hadn’t considered this in my list of good groove jam tunes. I’ll check it out.

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Hey Bwin,
Thanks a ton for putting this out here.
It’s getting colder in MN, which moves me indoors and subsequently much more guitar playing. I am looking forward to learning the guitar solo in this tune and groovin.

MN huh? I’m your neighbor over in ND. Just had our first hard freeze last night. I just tried this out. You’ll sound like a pro playing tasty licks in Cm pentatonic when you are jamming to this one. You almost can’t miss. Thanks for this suggestion. This has a nice groove.