Too much data in sng file


I have been trying for a while to load the Lady Madona sng file but I get a message saying that BB manager (has found too much data in the sng file) and will not continue. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? I have BB Manager version on Windows 10



You will need the beta manager 1.6 to be able to add songs that have more than 500 midi events. However it has issues of its own - hence it is beta. If you email they will send you a copy. But you will need to use both to get the most out of the BeatBuddy.

Hi there…So I’m just curious when a stable version (non-BETA) 1.60 or production version is expected to be released, a version which supports all functionality and has the updated support for more than 500 notes, midi editing and quantization support without the bugs. Any idea?