Toontrack EZX kits for BB

I know, it’s an old thread, but let me open it again.
First of all, has anybody some type of EZX kit converted to BB?
I know , there is EZ Modern for BB, but now I want to work with EZX Jazz kit, with brushes, swirls, sticks. And this is not easy.
Ok, we can make own drumkit, but it’s a really hard work.
Let me explain:
For creating say EZ jazz kit for BB, we need first the WAv files from EZ kit.
I tried import those, but there is a lot and I can’t play this files. They have some special encoding, seams Wav, but unplayable. And the names are complicated, I don’t know what I need or not. Anyway, couldn’t figure it out.
I tried a different way:
I choosed one groove from EZ browser in my DAW (Samplitude Prox3), connected BB to my interface as a MIDI slave, set up the Jazz Brushes kit on BB, played the groove in DAW, but with BB sound. (MIDI out of VSTI was BB). This way I could hear the sounds and could adjust rows to the right mapping places in MIDI editor and adjust velocities. OK, this worked, but it was just one groove, but I want to work with multiple grooves.
So, problem is, that I can’t figure out how to save this special mapping, with which I tweaked a lot.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Has anybody some EZX kits converted to BB, especially EZ Jazz.
Thanks in advance

Or the same with AD kits, especially Brushes and kicks?

I want to try creatig new drumset, concretely I want to modify Jazz Brushes kit to EZD Jazz kit map. How I can do this without harming existing Jazz Brushes, while I use of its sounds? In short, how to export Jazz Brushes and then import it again as a copy, for modifying, to assign sounds to new place according to EZD Jazz.
I know, that EZD Jazz uses much more and more nuanced samples, than BB Jazz Brushes, but I can get something similar in this way and can create kind of EZD Jazz kit for BB, which means, I can edit my own beats in EZD and play them in BB without further tweaking. And I plan to do this with some of AD kits also, especially with brushes, swirls and sweeps.
Anyway, how to copy and reexport, mean double existing kit, for modifying.
I remember, I’ve read it somewhere here, but can’t to find.
Please help, at least give me a link!
Thanks in advance!

Since all 3 of your threads deal with the same topic, I’ve merged them into a single thread.

If someone knows the answer, they’ll reply to your initial thread so please be patient. Thanks

Ok. Sorry and thanks!

What I did was to convert the midi file from my daw and drag it into the BB then edited it to match the BB midi config. That seemed to be easier than building a kit and it work pretty well.

Yes it might works sometimes, sometimes not. Problem is, that say EZ Jazz kit uses much more samples , than BB and it’s a problem with sophisticated brush swirls for example. But I had some nice results this way.