Total Newbie.

Hi all, I just got BB pedal. I have a Zoom G5 also. I have no idea how to connect guitar/BB/Zoom. Could someone please help me out ? Thx in advance!

How are you wanting to use it? To be honest there is not much you can do. You plug the output of the Zoom into the input of the Beatbuddy and the output of the Beatbuddy goes to your amp or plug some headphones into the headphone socket of the Beatbuddy.

Thx man. So it`s guitar > Zoom > BB > amp/headphones?

That is basically it. The amp you use will colour the sound especially if it is designed for electric guitar.

Blackstar ID 30, but I use headphones mostly. Thx again, very helpful info.

I have a blackstar ID60. My preference would be to plug your guitar in as normal and just plug the output of the beatbuddy into the MP3/Line in socket on the ID30.

Thanks Stu.

Tried that today Stu. Headphone jack on BB into MP3 on Blackstar. Blackstar on manual but for some reason guitar wasn`t coming through on phones and BB volume was adjusting from the pedal only.

Well, got first practice today with Zoom G5/BB and headphones. Having never played with a drummer before I thought I`d struggle. I used Blues 1 as suggested for Tequila Sunrise. First 10 minutes were horrendous !!! Then I hit the groove :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Happy days !!!