Touch screen sensitivity

Is the touch screen sensitivity something that is attached to the hardware, or is it possible to improve this?


I’m new to the forum. Just purchased the loop studio. I’m not sure if my unit is faulty, I am having issues with the touch screen sensitivity. To lock a track I need to hold it for couple of seconds and sometimes that doesn’t work either. Is there a sensitivity setting or a trick to make this work better?


@nickgem for locking tracks, I haven’t used the touch screen for a while as I remember having the same frustrations as you. It’s easier to hold the bottom left foot switch (select part), “Exit” will appear. Another long hold and “Lock” will appear, short press and repeat another short press and you will have locked tracks. Still a bit time consuming but much easier than bending down and putting with the touch screen.

A tablet pen works good !

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Thanks, will give that a try

yes I use it all the time
When you touch and touch and touch and touch again the screen , you leave smudges like kind of fat from your finger and the screen coming less sensible, sometimes it’s like I need to press
With the pen , no problem anymore
use one with a rubber

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