Track 1 not synchonizing Bug Report

Trying to play some songs that I’ve played a hundred times using the BB and Aeros and today it is not working out. Aeros is set to sync with a 1 measure count in. Initially recording a 4 measure bar and it plays back fine. Record the second song part and it also records/plays back fine. Now I transition the BB back to song part 1 and it is off. Almost sounds like it is playing back in reverse. I can’t really tell. I will try to get a video posted on here. Any help would be great as I have two gigs this weekend and I would like to be able to use the Aeros…

Aeros Firmware = 3.4.1
BB Firmware = 3.9.3

Ok so after some more messing around, it looks like the song parts get through out of time when it’s transitioned by the BB. I posted a video on the Aeros FB page if anybody wants to see it.

I saw your video, it seems that the likely culprit is on song, is it sending clock out?

Let me know thanks!

Posted another video without OnSong or tablet connected. Still not syncing…

Did the BPM or time signature change? Aeros doesn’t handle that well (worst case it should warn in some non-blocking way).

No, and that wouldn’t make sense since I’m able to get it back in time by transitioning with the beat buddy to song part 2.

Ok, still having trouble with this. Any tech support? This issue has really rendered my Aeros useless and I can’t tell if it is caused by the Aeros or the BB… Unfortunately I do use this for live shows of which I have two this weekend…


Hey there, if you want one on one support please reach out to

Unfortunately this is not reproducible on my end.

As far as I can tell there is no reason that this should be happening, please be sure that when you are using the Aeros and BeatBuddy together with an already recorded song that they have the same tempo and time signature, mismatches will cause issues.

I saw your video, something seems wrong, tell me, what exactly is your MIDI chain?

Are you going directly from BeatBuddy to Aeros?

Also please tell me as much as you can of the following:

Song configuration:

  • Song saved: SD | Aeros
  • Record: Mono | Stereo
  • Track button action: RPO | ROP
  • Number of tracks: 6x6 | 2x2
  • Quantize: on | off
  • Count in: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3
  • Sync rule: start & length | length | off

Other important info:

  • Change song part: Immediate | End of measure | End of Loop
  • Stop song: Immediate | End of measure | End of Loop
  • With equipment : BeatBuddy | Midi maestro | other

Something else that may be related, what song are you using? Is it a custom song? Could I get that BB song if it is? Maybe it has to do with transition file length somehow?

All of this will be helpful, thanks!

If you want to forward all of this to support you can to consolidate all of this info.


Hey Brennan, thanks for responding. After a few hours of trying different perimeters and songs I think that I have narrowed it down to just the “Pop6-8ths” song in the BB that causes this misalignment in the playback of song parts on the Aeros. The rest of the settings did not seem to affect the outcome.

I was able to use another BB song for the arrangement of my song, at least for my purposes. I’m happy to close out this issue. So unless you would like to look into it further, I’ll end this thread here. If not, I can still provide you those details if you’d like.


Yes but there are other songs on the Beat Buddy that are causing problems with the timing on the Aeros These timing errors were not present in firmware version 3,8, It is becoming very frustrating as I would like to use the latest firmware, The fills on some groups of songs is causing the timing errors, they are not custom songs, I realise it is a beta firmware let’s hope the final version with have fixed these problems

Thank you very much for this! This is likely the culprit and we will look right at this particular song.

If you want to PM me the .sng file of the song in question that could be helpful possibly! Question, do you ever edit or change the songs in any way using BBM? Or did you pop this song straight in to BB from SD?


Sorry to hear that, if you tell me every song you find issue with, it is more likely I can be sure that there is not something we’re missing in the version we’re currently testing for this. Private message me if you’d like with this info, thanks!

I do want to state that both the used firmware are still betas and there is always room for small things to go south with very specific setups, like the particular songs or sections on BB here, for example. Your reporting will make sure the content is played perfectly and that will ensure the final Aeros 3.4.x and BB 3.9.x versions are excellent, so thank you both!

Currently, the most stable usage of firmware is 3.3.0 (Aeros) and 3.8.0 (BB), not for long however!

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Hi Brennan thank you for your email. This is my initial investigation.
I have spent a few hours now trying to diagnose the problems with Beat Buddy timing errors with version 3.9.3.
It appears to be problems with the second fills on many songs.
I have been using “ Drums with percussion and no 11, POP SALSA.” Go into BB Menu and set “ Cue Fill Period to Next Measure” (Makes timing error more obvious).
Start the beat and then hold pedal to go to part 2 of 9 parts. Press pedal to initiate a fill ( Fill 1) you will notice the fill starts at the end of the measure as it should do, now initiate fill 2; you will notice the fill starts immediately it does not wait to the end of measure, pause BB then start again, initiate fill 3; you will notice it starts and ends measure as it should do.
It appears fill 2 is causing these timing errors when synced to other devices; not just the Aeros, I have been testing this with a BOSS RC500 with the drums; every time fill 2 is started the drums go out of sync,
I don’t know if this happens to all songs, but the songs haven’t changed obviously from 3.8 to 3.9.3. This is not so obvious on part 1 of the beat so please make sure your using part 2
Hope this helps Brennan

Just done some further tests, all Reggae Beats mess up on all fills


Fixed in latest BB alpha! Thanks for the feedback!