Track audio stuck in the right channel (but not the click)

Just got my Aeros (bought it used, FWIW, but have done a full reset), and track audio only comes out the right channel. The click comes out both channels, so it’s not a hardware issue with the jack. I tried the Aux out as well, same deal.

Any idea what’s up?

Check on Aeros settings :
Loop playback routing must be on Main out and Aux out
Audio output must be on stereo

It sounds like you may be recording in mono but the Aeros is set to stereo, you should be set to mono recording in the song settings and mono playback in the devices settings

Well, that helped, sorta. I can set the playback to mono, and now everything’s in the center. But I can’t select mono recording. I tap it and nothing happens.

But also, I’m confused. We have stereo outputs, but no ability to pan tracks in the stereo field? What’s the point of having stereo without pan?

You need to have an empty song to switch this setting, you likely have already recorded to this song, you can either clear it or start a new one.

Panning is not supported, stereo has many uses even without having panning, if you would like to connect a Mixer into the Aeros, this is a great way to create a stereo mix with panning into the device.

We are exploring the possibility of panning on the device itself

Thanks for the question!

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Thanks for the reply. I encourage you to prioritize panning. Looking at some other threads it seems I’m not the only one missing it, and for an expensive multi-track looper with stereo output, it would never have occurred to me that panning wouldn’t be available. I don’t know if it’s a showstopper for me (yet), but I’m definitely having to rethink how I was going to use the Aeros.