Track/part recording limitation

I know a lot of users do not seem concerned about the 2.5 minute track limitation but since the song limitation is 10 minutes in stereo, how are you able to get a full song recorded with Aeros? Sounds like you need to perform a lot of button taps to get through it?

To be fair, there are several users, myself included, that have no issue using the Aeros as is, with regard to 2.5 minute time limit.

That being said, it is perfectly understandable that some people have different uses/expectations/methods. We are working on improving the Aeros as best as we can to be more universally useful.

We have several new features that will eventually improve this “tap dancing”, but for now there is not much I can say, there is always a way to minimize tapping as a whole but every device has it’s limitations.

To better assist you with optimizing your usage, it would be helpful to know more about what you’re trying to achieve.

Let me know and I can try to help out, thanks!

Hi Brennan,

Thanks for your response. I’m giving the Aeros some time so I can adjust my approach to looping to fit the pedal. I’ve always used the one press approach to a looper so that I can concentrate on other things during the song. I think the popularity of the many OP Beat Buddy songs supports the community interest in a longer track/part option.

I have to say I can’t stop playing with it. The quality and fidelity of the sound is amazing and stereo on the same track giving 6 full stereo tracks is fantastic. (Be nice to have a pan option) but I can live without it.

Hopefully Singular will see that a good amount of users would appreciate at least the option of longer single part tracks and loops.


Hi Brennan,
How about this for a track length solution and One Press to play song from start to finish:
Use the Trio + approach to sequencing the parts. I’m sure you are familiar with how the Trio + sequencer works, play intro part one time, verse part two times, chorus once, verse once, etc.
This would address the track length limitation and “One Press” request and leave the Aeros file structure intact.
Maybe this is what the Autoplay enhancement would do in the BB?
Would be nice to have this in the Aeros.

There are requests for more planning features in theAeros but they are not simple changes and we will likely get to them later.

Speaking of features like set track length, one shot parts, etc

Stay tuned!