Track routing abilities

Hello there,

How can the tracks be routed to the different outputs?

I want to use the aux out for stereo tracks and need 2 tracks being routed to mono 1 out and mono 2 out.

For example:
Track 1 stero drumloop to aux out (stereo mix)
Track 2 stereo synth pad to aux out (stereo mix)
Track 3 stero precussion and ambient noises to aux out (stereo mix)
Track 4 stereo guitar synth arpeggio to aux out
Track 5 mono lead guitar to mono main out 1 (left)
Track 6 mono bass to mono main out 2 (right)

Aux Stereo mix will be sent to stereo in on my mixing desk. Mono outs wil be sent to two single inputs on my mixer.
The idea is to keep the ability to tweak the lead sounds after recording the loop. E.g. with a filter, a deley or anything else.

If the hardware isn’t able to make this possible, perhaps it might be possible to convert one of the i/os into a send/return pair?

So the internal mixer section urgently needs a routing option.

Please tell me
a) if this option is theoretical/physically possible and
b) if so, will you think about implementing it and how long will that take!?

The next week I still can give it back. So would be nice to know more about it till then.

I hope, hope,hope, cause it’s a really overwhelming concept and i don’t want to give it back!
And no, i don’t have the money for two of them :frowning:

New idea!

Is it possible to implement some audio over ip via wifi connection?
Something like Dante or Ravenna protocol.
So this could help to realize individual outputs!?

Latency of wifi is going to be tricky (and inconsistent) if you are tracking in real time.

In the studio environment i use ravenna over wifi with latency below 1.5 msec 192 khz 32 bit and plenty of channels. I think 12 channels (6x stereo) in 44.1 might be possible even in a live situation

Wifi latency varies quite a bit and depends on other users of the spectrum.

Just because it works now for you is no guarantee it will work later or for others.

Yes, i know about that.
I’d appreciate the send return or single output option much more. I just thought about how to make single outs possible.
The wifi option would be extremely interesting in the studio though :thinking: