Tracks are visually out of sync

I just got my Loop Studio, and I’m still getting acquainted. There have been a lot of surprises, mostly good, but some bad. I’ve managed to get my tracks visually out of sync several times. I’m not sure how I did it, but it seems to happen very easily. It’s not a critical problem, as the audio output seems to be correct, but it’s certainly annoying, given how frequently it’s happening.

Is there a workaround to get it to stop? Is there a fix planned?

I’m on software version 5.0.3.

My first day with the Loop Studio was filled with a lot of problems and glitches. However, for some reason, as I’ve gotten more familiar with the controls, it seems to be operating more smoothly. I used to be getting out of sync tracks very frequently. But something about the way I’ve learned to use it since then causes these glitches to be reduced to the point of virtual elimination. Anyway, I’m all good now.

Hi there,

Yes, this is a known issue but has not been critical to us since it is not easily reproducible in most use cases and is easily fixed by stopping and starting playback or even switching parts

It is a synchronization drift that occurs between the visuals and the playback of audio, it is usually made more severe by recording only 1 track and leaving it playing back on its own for a good while before starting to record subsequent tracks and also can occur if the looper is left scrolling and playing back without switching parts for extended periods of time.

We are likely looking into it soon, given it is not a major fix, we will likely take it on as a nice polish

Thanks for reporting!