Trade Pigtronix Looper for Boss RC-300

Willing to trade straight up Infinity for RC-300. Infinity is a great looper and works well with the BB, but it missing some key features for me such as unlimited preset length, 3 loopers, mic input. I purchased my Infinity in January 2017 and will include the power support, external foot switch and original box.

Before you trade, make sure the RC300 MIDI will work with the BeatBuddy. Boss has had a reputation for not working well with MIDI.

Better yet get yourself an iPad and get Quantiloop for 10.00 and have every feature you could ever want. Best looper I have ever used.

@Larry DirtBag this looks pretty interesting. Do you use this live? If so, what are you using to control the looping with your feet? Also, does this sync to the Beat Buddy?

Sorry this thread has been a little sidetracked.

I have been using it live, it works great. I have a Irig Duo, for a MIDI interface, I also use a Irig Blue Board, but you have other choices. In fact I am going to post a video of how it works in the near future, but I know it blows any hardware looper away I have ever used, and I have used many.

The trick with the RC300 is to ensure that you record with the RC300 Rhythm section running at the correct tempo, but with the volume at 0 so you don’t hear it! This will “write” into the recording the correct tempo, after which the RC300 patch always syncs correctly with the BB. If you don’t use the RC300’s Rhythm section then the RC300 auto-calculates the tempo after recording and overwrites whatever tempo you’ve chosen. THIS is when the RC300 and BB have sync problems.

Gotta agree with Larry. I commented on another thread about buying a Ditto X4 yesterday and it wasn’t a good experience. I’ve also tried the Boss RC300; that was significantly worse . I’ve even tested out the Boomerang, although that thing is massive and expensive.

I’ve the exact same setup as Larry and Quantiloop is hands down the best looper on the market.

I use a EHX 45000, sync with the BB, and very happy about it.
It’s a 4 + 2 tracks hardware looper.

I had that looper and sold it, it will Not do 6/8 time, when midi with a drum machine. That was a turn off for me

I am going to check into this

Thanks for the replies, folks. I went and made the deal; I now own an RC-300. Thanks rDin for the tip; I will definitely experiment with this setting. I’ve gone through the MIDI settings on the RC-300 and see that it can be set as a slave with another RC-300, and it can be the MIDI clock for external MIDI devices. From what I read and from the tutorials on YouTube, it appears that things work best when the RC-300 is the MIDI clock source.

The good news is, Larry, I already own the 12" iPad Pro :wink: Checked out and it looks like the current version is Quantiloop2.

Persist, I wish I had listened to you. I’ve been working the RC-300, BB, and OnSong for days and it has been nothing less than a struggle.

The RC-300 can only be the Master midi clock. It will not respond to any other midi clock unless its another RC-300. That means the BB must be the slave. Totally Lame.

I discovered what works and what doesn’t. The deal breaker is that the RC-300 does not pass the Program Changes from OnSong to change BB songs when the BB MIDI is connected to the MIDI out. It only works when it’s connected to the Thru output.

Unfortunately when connected the Thru out the BB does not get the MIDI clock from the RC-300. Again, totally lame. Totally bummed.

Looks like I will be moving to Quantiloop with the rest of you. Know anyone who wants to buy an RC-300?

Thanks for sharing the details of what did and did not work on the RC 300.

Welcome to the club. I’ve bought a lot of expensive gear only to later pull my hair out at how limited it turns out to be. If I were you (and you’re ok with using technology), this would be my shopping list:

iPad (and Quantiloop)
Some sort of case for your iPad
A Microphone stand holder for your iPad.
CCK (Camera Connection Kit - get the newer one which has both the USB and lightning port so you can charge your iPad)
iRig Pro DUO
A USB extension cable (to reach from your iPad to your floorboard)
Some Beer (you’ll need it)
iRig Blue Board (I modded mine to run on the 9V power from my floor board)
Mooer Tender Octaver (want to loop a bass line using your guitar? - this is the tool. Other octavers are aweful, I’ve tested most of them )

Have a look at my video here posted here, I’m using this setup:

The other thing to note is that this setup opens up a whole new world of sound using the iPad. There’s a bazillion great musical apps available, everything from guitar amp modellers, recording suites, loopers, drum machines etc.

Hello @ruairiau, I am interested in the mod you did to the Blueboard for 9V power supply use, could you provide the details?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Larry do you have that video anywhere to share. How do you call up a specific song to a saved loop ?

I use OnSong to Midi control my looper and my BeatBuddy. I pull up a song on my Ipad using OnSong and it midi commands the beatbuddy and looper to go to what I have programed into OnSong.

Larry can you use onsong to pull up saved loops on your infiniti ?

I use Quantiloop, I can with that, i am about 99 percent certain you can with the Infiniti looper. It works so nice to pull up the song in OnSong and the Beatbuddy and looper pop up what you have programed. It is too cool!