Transfering Patterns from Alesis SR-18 to BeatBuddy

I got 'em. It’l come from my aol account,

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Thanks much Phil

Can I also get the SR-18 files pls. (7.6 MB)

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Do you need a specific kit for these to sound correctly? When I use the standard BB kits there seem to be a few “not supported” patches (mostly 47 and 41).

These are the raw midi files from the SR-18. Many of the stock BB kits do not have anything assigned to 41 and 47. These are additional Toms in General midi. You would need to consult an SR18 manual to find out what they really were supposed to be. When I made the SR-16 conversion, I found some strange mappings used by Alesis.

Thanks, Phil. I have found an Alesis manual and will remap them to a BB standard kit.