Transfering Patterns from Alesis SR-18 to BeatBuddy

Hello all,

I am a former user of the Alesis SR-18 drum machine, which I liked because I could use 2 different parts for each pattern, as well as a couple of fills, and now I’ve been using the BeatBuddy for around 6 months and I am more than happy with it. I’ve successfully used the built in patterns for most of the songs I play and bought many of the beats from the Premium Content Library, however, both the built in beats and the ones you can find in the Premium Content library lack of Latin rhythms such as Cumbia, Spanish Rumba (with an actual drum kit and not a cajon), Reggaeton, Bachata, and other Latin rhythms that I don’t know the name of.

Long story short, I have these rhythms in my Alesis SR-18, as I used to use them in my weekly gigs but I have no idea on how to transfer them to my BeatBuddy.

If anybody here could help me to start in this process or could help me with the steps to do so, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


The SR-18 has Midi out. You can play the SR-18 into a recording program, like Logic, Cubase, Audacity, etc., and record Midi versions of your SR-18 patterns. Then you can create new songs in Beat Buddy Manager, and drag the midi patterns into BBM. That’s the short answer.

Hi Phil, thanks for your input - To transfer the songs should I use the BB Manger or the Beat Editor? I’m not sure where the files have to go first.


Once you have ta beat moved from the SR-18 into your DAW (Logic, Cubase, Audacity, etc.), you are going to do a Save As and select “midi file” as the type. Then, once you have a midi files, you are going to move it into BB Manager. The Beat Editor has limited functionality, and it more for making minor changes to an existing BB file. It is not really a suitable tool for this type of conversion.

Thanks a lot for your help Phil, I will give it a try and share the beats if I am able to transfer them.

I think someone on the forum once posted a link to all the SR18 (or could have been SR16) files as midi files which would save you some hassle if you found them. Don’t forget that you will need to alter some midi note assignments as Alesis will use different midi notes for some drums (i.e. snare may trigger a hi-hat or whatever).

It was ‘Norbert’ some time ago ( and it was the SR-18. I have the files & if you want I can post them to your email address. You can private message me if you don’t want to post your email address here.

Hi Klink,

Thanks a lot for that information, I believe you’ve saved me a lot of work. I will send you my email thru private message.

No worries, hope the files are of use to you.

i will be very happy if you could share your bachata and cumbia beats on the beat buddy.

Hello Lekike,
I haven’t actually had a chance to do this… when I get to do it I will gladly share them with you.

Yes, please post a bachata beat!

I will sure post it here when I have a chance to actually do it! I’ve had the Beatbuddy for almost a year now and I haven’t had a chance to do it :frowning:

Hey gang. If someone has the SR-18 beats…is there a way that I can get a copy of them?

I got these, Tommy. I’ll send you a link later today.

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Hi Klink or Phil
Do you have the link for alesis SR18 and 16 midi files … I want to switch over to using only the beat buddy
Thanks a lot

Conversation started.

Hi Phil
Do you still have the midi files of Alesis 18 and 16 ? Would appreciate it very much

If you still have the files and would be willing to share it would be great.

If you would be willing to share the SR 18 files, I would be most appreciative