Transferring bbworkspace to new computer

I seen to have lost my BBW workspace folder when transferring to new computer .I have successfully transferred all my folders and projects and when opening my BB icon it opens ok but I cant find where the files are when I search BB Workspace it doesnt find folder only manager icon .I tried downloading the Beat Buddy again now I have multiple drum kits ie Vintage Ludwig Vintage 1.1 (1)
How can I get my workspace folder set up with user lib default lib ?

Not knowing what’s on your old computer and how it was organized, I’m suggesting you do a fresh install.

On your old computer:

  1. Gather all of your BeatBuddy (BB) support files i.e., user-created drum sets, songs and premium content (files, folders, pbf, zip files, cheat sheets and etc). Put them all in a single folder and give it a distinctive name: BB support. Note: this stuff should always be stored outside of your bbworkspace (BBW) folder.
  2. Copy just your project folders from your BBW folder into a single new folder on your desktop and give it a unique name: Old Projects.
  3. Export or sync your current project to your SD card. Important—this is your current project backup.

On your new computer:

  1. From your old computer, copy folders to desktop of your new computer (steps 1 & 2, above).
  2. Delete all instances of the BBW folder and support files or folders. This includes anything that the BBM installed or that you created. You can retain the BBM app but keep it closed until you’re done setting up your new BBW environment.
  3. Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder and unzip this file to your user/documents folder; this will take several minutes to complete.
  4. Copy project folders from Old Projects folder to user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects Note: you’ve now copied all of the projects from your old computer BBW folder to your new computer and it should include the contents of your current project as well.
  5. Open BBM and Finder or Explorer window opens for you to navigate to the location of your user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects folder; select your current project and press Open. Your BBM should now have mapped the path within your BBW folder to find your projects. However, if it did not correctly map the path, use the BBM - Tools - Set Workspace Location and navigate to user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects, set and accept the prompt to reset. BBM - File - Save Project
  6. Check that the songs in your current project open in the BBM are still associated with their drum sets. If they aren’t, open the BBM Drum Sets tabs and verify that the drum sets are present and the boxes are checked. You shouldn’t have to import and activate any drum sets but in case you have to, you should still have those kits available from your BB support folder.
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Thank you soo much for your help. I need to just clear something up as Im a little slow lol, I thought I had already copied all my edited drum kits etc on my new computer but cant find them when I search so I guess I just delete BB icon and start again by downloading default workspace again . I remember when I originally tried putting my content ie edited kits etc on new computer icloud kept popping up saying file names too long so I stopped the process and deleted icloud.So that may have stopped the process of putting on my edited and self made drum kits on my computer ,they may be as clear as mud lol,though will give it another try