Transferring beats to new MiDi drum kits

I have a beat I wrote a while ago for Blake Shelton “Some Beach” and I would like to have it on one of the newer drum kits . Will I have to rewrite the whole thing or is there a way to remap it , without rewriting the whole thing?

If it was done for a BeatBuddy default kit, it shouldn’t be too hard. If you would like to zip and post it to your reply and tell us what kit you want, I’ll take a look at it and tell you what needs to get adjusted.

I did it on the brushes kit and I added the bass Midi to the kit . I’ll post it up tonight thanks bro!

So this was one of my first beats I wrote .
I think its an 8 measure intro
1st & 2nd in ‘C’ Verse & Chorus then hold for 3rd Verse ‘G’ & Chorus

I just opened a conversation with you.

It was easier to transcribe the song