Transients at the start of backing track files get cut off / crossfaded


coming from another looper, I tried to import my existing backing tracks (mainly kick drum 4 bar loops) onto the aeros and nearly everything seems to be working seamlessly. The only problem I noticed is, that the first transient in a loop seems to be ‘faded in’ so first very short the frequency transient gets kind of lost.

Having read the about the 360 samples crossfade being added to the backing track: a possible solution would be to add them at the beginning of the backing track sample, so the crossfade happens BEFORE the first transient hits.

If I missed some sort of setting, which would help me with my issue, please let me know!

Best, Tobi

Hey there,

The Aeros uses the first 8ms and an extra last 8ms in audio files to create crossfades otherwise the loop would pop at every revolution, there really isn’t much we can do if the very first transient is slightly reduced, you could make note of it while bouncing and increase the volume of the first hit a bit.

If you are on 5.2.0 the Aeros allows importing the files and adding 360 samples to the end of them to avoid issues with unnecessary truncation at the end and/or a fade out to avoid pops

What you’re thinking of doing would sort of work but won’t work so well when you need to switch parts or stop since the start/stop/transition point is not in the right spot

Thank you for reporting!

Hi Brennan and thank you for the quick replay!
I’m wondering how the Boss loopers got around that problem, since even the RC-30 didn’t cut off the transient.

MY SOLUTION if anybody ist interested:
would be to add a ‘Sample Delay’ Plugin to the track(s) in Logic Pro before exporting with 300-360ms delay. This should circumvent the crossfade issue and 7-8ms is not that much, one should still be able to play tightly.
Ableton has a track delay setting for every track. I just have to remember before exporting. This way I can still edit my backing tracks on grid.