transition fill limited to 1 bar?

Hi! it seems to me that whatever you put in the transition fill, it will only play limited to 1 bar? Is this correct?


Not quite. You can make a transition longer than 1 bar but you have to hold the pedal down for the transition from the start of the transition to the last bar of the transition.

eg. Two bar transition. Press and hold pedal for transition 2 bars before you want to transition and let go in the next bar.
Four bar transition. Press and hold pedal for transition in the 4th bar before you want to transition, Hold for three bars and you can release in the last bar.

You can do it but it is awkward.

thanks for the answer Stu, I had this question as I am using your “master blaster” song and it looks like in the full song part, it has verses longer than the Stevie version, so I am trying to figure out how to reshuffle it :slight_smile:

After each chorus bit I let it play out a loop of the verse before I start singing again. I think in the recorded stevie wonder song the second verse starts straight away. The midi file needs to be edited to remove that part if that is what you were after.

thanks Stu, I am going to work on it :slight_smile:

Does it work the same if the second bar is empty ? I need a break after the transition fill before starting the new loop. It skips the empty bar and the next loop starts too early then. If I had just one kick, for example to keep the tempo during the break, same issue. It is not played
Unfortunately Pause/unpause does not work for that
The problem is that I can’t count the bars on the pedal as I am singing and playing guitar at the same time so it looks very complicated