Transition in Aeros and BB

When i push the transition on the BB it transitions to a new part also on the Aeros Looper, Is there any setting or way that it can transition only on the BB without transitioning in the Aeros also.
I Set up a bass line and guitar then i push the BB transition to a new drum part and its transitioning the looper also and that can be good if you want to do a verse chorus bridge but sometimes i just want the bass line i put in with guitar and just different parts of the BB and that doesn’t seem possible or have i missed something here

Hey there, you can change the Next part command setting on your BeatBuddy.

Go to settings by pressing both the Drums Set and Tempo knobs simultaneously. Then, go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out> Next Part and select disable.

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Ok wonderful yes I found it. Many thanks.