Transition is 2 measures long but only plays as 1 measure

I created a transition MIDI file that is 2 measures long. However, it only plays as 1 measure in the song. If I play the transition by itself in BB Manager it plays as 2 measures.

What’s with that?

A transition gets triggered to end when you release the pedal. It will end at the end of the current measure, I believe. To get the full 2 measure transition, you need to hold the pedal down until it gets into the 2nd measure of your transition. Then release it.

However, the transition as I stated is 2 measures long by itself. If you play the transition file within BBM also as mentioned by itself it plays 2 measures long. When you play it within a song by holding down the pedal it only plays as 1 measure.

The transition part will loop its full length for as long as you hold the pedal down. Release the pedal once the transition has entered its 2nd measure.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out.