Transition loops following a cancelled outro


So I have noticed that if I trigger an Outro by mistake and cancel it and then play a transition the transition plays indefinitely on a loop almost as if the pedal is stuck, but it is not. Pressing the pedal again will start the next part at the end of the bar. I have not updated to the latest firmware as I only got my BB today, so it may be fixed it the latest firmware release.


I encountered the bug you are describing only once, but I couldn’t reproduce it. Can you make a short video on how to be able to reproduce that?

I just tried what you said - cancelling an outro then make a transition, and it worked fine for me. Do you have Triple Tap Stop option enabled in BeatBuddy settings menu?


No I don’t have the 3 tap stop option enabled just used the default setting that the BB came with. I will try and make a video.


I can confirm as I did the same thing yesterday…twice, but couldn’t do it again when I tried.


Thanks for reporting this bug! We’re investigating the issue. We should have it fixed in the next firmware update.