Transition problem after 2.0.4 update

After i upgraded my beatbuddy some songs don’t play correctly. Transition plays one more bar without any sound. I checked cue fill period and other settings. Everything seems okay.

You might try to reinstall the firmware and see if that helps.

Tried that but it didn’t work.

You can always roll back to 1.8.5 . . . .

If only certain songs are afflicted, it may be an issue with those specific songs. Did those specific songs play just fine before the update? Can you upload the SNG files here?

There are other songs from premium content like Rolling in the deep and just the way you are… I probably shouldn’t share here. After 5th or 6th variation problem pops up in this song. They work perfectly fine with previous update.

Curious if you’re using an optional footswitch to do the transition and if so, does the BB act the same way with its own onboard switch?

Didn’t try that. My footswitch is Latching type. I can’t set it up like that. Also i don’t have a midi controller. But songs perfectly fine with 1.8 update. I didn’t understand what the problem is. Very annoying.

Not sure that this is the cause of the problem but it could be the latching foot switches. Singular Sound went to momentary switches a while back.

I tried with or without foot switch but didn’t make any difference.