Transitioning both ways between song parts

Apologies in advance as I am aware this question has been asked before in 2016 but I was wondering if things have changed since then. I have the BeatBuddy and foot switch (firmware v4.1.6) and BeatBuddy Mgr (v1.6.4.1)

I have three parts of a song ie: verse, chorus, bridge. I need to be able to move back/forth between verse and chorus and bridge based on the singers cue’s. Am I able to program the foot switch to move back and forth between the parts during a song until it ends? If so, how do I configure that capability?

Thanks heaps, Sarge

Hey there,

Yes, this is possible in the BeatBuddy as of version 4.1.6, simply go to the Footswitch settings and choose Previous Part option in the While Playing section

Thanks for the question!

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