Transitions as 3rd part of song / bridge etc

Hey All!

I use the Vs Ch method for all my songs and have just started using long transtions so i have like 90 bars of a soft kick drum after the transiton fill to give me a bridge section - which is working fantastically!

My feature request is - if even possible - to have a fill play when the transtion pedal hold is released… Some times i might hold it for 16 bars… sometimes 32… sometimes 51… etc etc… And when i release it goes straight to Vs or Ch depending where im at, which works and is fine… BUT if a fill on release could be implemented, my audient would be muchly appreciative.


Agreed. This is how I hope to use the MIDI Maestro

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Transition fill is a fill, which happens between beat changes and which can be extended. Rather than using 90 bars of just kick and expecting another drum fill to happen once you release the pedal, I recommend placing the 90-bar part as the main part and loading the desired drum fill in the transition place. That’s the correct way to do it. I don’t see an additional drum fill being implemented on pedal release in transition fills.

That defeats the purpose Goran.

The idea is to keep every song as a two main part system - Verse and Chorus.

I’ve actually found that releasing the long transition 2 bars before bridge ends works, as the verse beat kicks in which builds then I transition to chorus and it sounds like what could happen in a real situation.

I still standby my original post - it would be a great feature I would use in the real world. I understand it’s not for everyone - but hey - gotta be in it to win it!