Transitions in Aeros without using the BeatBuddy

I watched Joe Vitale’s video " Getting Started with the Aeros Loop Studio" . In that video he transitions between parts and tracks using the beatbuddy, but how do I transition if I’m not using the beatbuddy. (I play a lot of Aussie songs and drum beats are not available, so I just use my guitar for percussion).

Hey there,

The Aeros has two main modes, 2x2 and 6x6

In 6x6, the Aeros can toggle the selected part using the bottom left button and when you press the Track Action (right) button it will start the transition (default). If you have Auto Song Part Change (6x6) enabled, then the Aeros will transition to the selected part as soon as that part is selected.

In 2x2, the bottom left button transitions the Aeros part as soon as you press and release it.

Does this answer your question?

Let me know thanks!