Transitions in songs without fills

Is there a way to transition between sections of a song without having the fills play? There’s several tunes on the “Super Duper Complete Library SD Card” where I like the beats in the various sections, but the fills are over the top and timing gets complicated with them. And, there’s others where it’s one of the generic “songs,” where I could work it into a tune we’re doing, but not with the fill in there – completely blows the mood.

Is that doable? If not, strong suggestion for next update.

Yep: Delete the fills in BBM. Then the current part will transition to the next part with no fanfare and no fills, it just changes.

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I guess that would mean that I lose the original version of the songs, that had the fills? Be nice if there were a firmware menu setting (like intro on/off) that would let you simply take it out without changing the song itself.

Not necessarily.

In BBM, Export the song as SONGNAME (whatever the song name is). Then export it a second time as SONGNAME-No_Fills. Then you can delete the fills, export again as SONGNAME-No_Fills, and you now have two versions – one with and one without fills.