Transitions, MIDI Sync, and the Infinity Looper


With the BB as the MIDI master, and the Infinity looper as a slave, everything goes according to plan until a transition is triggered someplace other than the beginning or ending of a measure. Upon the transition completion, unbeknownst to the Infinity, a new measure starts as soon as the transition is completed, This causes a bit of a problem because the Infinity is keeping perfect time with how things started out and was never notified of the change.

Things work great with fills and pauses, so my question, is there any way to make the transitions behave in a similar fashion? Maybe have the BB send a MIDI Start at the end of the transition?


Which song are you using, and can you please post step-by-step guide for dummies (like me) to figure out what exactly you are trying to do, what you expect to happen and what happens (that you don’t expect)?


My bet is it’s the same MIDI bug in some of the songs that’s already been reported.

I’ve tried a bunch, but Rock 7 is one of them. When I have the BB paused, but the beat is still counting (not sure what setting that is), the looper stays in sync. Un-pausing by itself stays in sync, but un-pausing by pressing the main BB pedal resumes with a fill that breaks the sync.

I’ll see if I can’t get a video up one of these days.


Well, you can easily check your bet:

  1. try use, for example, Metal 8 - it’s 100% safe from that bug.
  2. here is actually a complete listing of affected songs for you -

Updated firmware (BB and Infinity) has resolved the problem.


That’s cool!