Travelling Riveside Blues (with bass and strings) re-up - Blues - Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson

Uses new NP Metal Bass and Strings kit.

Includes: .sng, original midi, midi parts, chords and lyrics

The Zeppelin version is on the 1990 Led Zeppelin boxed set. Plant’s lyrics are a tribute Robert Johnson, borrowing from several songs. I like doing the song with the original lyrics. I think as a songwriter, I like to show respect to the original writer’s work. Not a knock on Zeppelin, just the way I feel. I have included the original lyrics with playing notes, and Plant’s lyrics if you wan to give those a try.

I selected the Metal Bass and Strings in homage to a symphonic Led Zeppelin performance that I attended a few years ago, by the San Antonio Symphony. I thought the strings with the synth bass would provide an interesting texture.

Download Here