Tried to install Beat Builder but...

I tried to install the Beat Builder after installing the most current version of java last night and couldn’t open the Beat Builder install. I had be connected to the net to install java (An internet connection is required in order for the offline installer to be downloaded.) So I connected the computer to the internet and Java loaded successfully.

I’m running Windows 7 but I have to lug the computer to the router to connect to the internet. I want to use this computer for music only in my studio so i transfer files to it via usb. When I tried that (tranfering the files to it with a usb drive) I realized I couldn’t open the Beat Builder file. Anyone one else have problems with installing the Beat Bulider this way?

Here is the error message…[ATTACH=full]2217[/ATTACH]

It looks like Java didn’t install correctly on your computer. The installation process may require that you have an internet connection while installing. Try the process of installing Java again once you have an active internet connection.

I don’t think that’s the problem although I did have to be connected to the internet during java’s installation. I verified that java was working through their website but still no luck unpacking the file.
I installed winzip and it unpacked the .jar but there was no .exe file? What is the name of the executible file that opens the beat builder program? I’m a total noobie to midi but not so much so to computers.

that jar itself is the ‘exe’… if java works from your command line, you can start it with: java -jar beatbuilder.jar

Success. I had to bring the computer to my brother who is a computer guru. He was able to start the .jar file in a dos box with a cmd.exe line and create a desktop icon for me to launch the program. It would be nice if there was a way to integrate creating that type of icon with your java program for people with limited computer skills (like myself). Anyway thank you for this program. I’m off to the races!

Here are the beats I created. I saved them as .sng files for sharing. I’m not sure if that’s correct because they are beats not songs. Anyway this program is very simple to use and the ability to create your own beats is essential to any drum machine / program.

On my machine, clicking on the .jar file automatically starts the java compiler then runs the program. I’m not sure how to set that up though, it just happens. I’m using Windows 10.

i cant get it to work on win 10 either , any instructions would be a great help

Are you getting any error messages displayed and if so, what are they? Any clues will help us to more quickly help you.

no i extracted the program and notjng happens, i tried double clicking the makejar file and get a dos box saying "system cant find specified path`

Just by coincidence I deleted the command file my brother made for me on the windows7 desktop but he was smart enough to leave me a text file with the command line to start beat builder .jar in java. I don’t know if this will work for you and I’m not very computer savvy but you can try copying this command into your text editor and save it as a .bat file on your desktop. Then all you do is click on it to open the program. You will need to change the c:\ path from C:\Users\JET\Desktop\Beat Buddy Files to wherever your files are held. It will create a dos box that you have to leave open as you use the program. Hope this helps. - JET

start / Run / “cmd”

cd C:\Users\JET\Desktop\Beat Buddy Files

java -jar beatbuilder.jar