Trigger a 2/4 measure in 4/4 songs

Many songs that are in 4/4 have a 2/4 or 6/4 measure in them. Some 6/8 songs have a 3/8 measure. This causes the fills and transitions to get out of sync, ending in the middle of a measure. There are only 2 solutions to this right now.

  • Stop the beat, and start again two beats later
  • Use fills with half the beats in a standard measure

Neither option is good. The first requires a lot of coordination, and the second means you can’t use normal full measure fills.

Can we get an option to double tap one of the foot switches to play the next measure with half the beats of a standard measure?


Third option: Open the pattern in something like Reaper, set the time signature as required, and save. Beat Buddy respects time signatures on a patter by pattern basis. I’ve used this technique several times in the past – the last verse of Closing time, with its 6-count back into the chorus comes to mind.

Isn’t that the same as option 2? How do you then select between the 2 beat fill or 4 beat fill on demand?

Working from memory, I did it by making a new pattern that just the old pattern changed from 4/4 to 2/4. But I THINK you might be right, I may also have changed the transition fill to 2/4 as well. The rest of the song is in 4/4.

Of course, this only applies to songs you assemble in the BBM from modified patterns and fills.