Triggering loop playback, etc.

I know that these topics have been addressed elsewhere, but I am a true midi beginner and some of the posts are beyond my level of comprehension right now.

Anyway, I have a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I will be pre-recording rhythm guitar parts to play as loops under the guitar solo in various cover songs. My Infinity is connected to the BeatBuddy via midi, and it will sync loop playback in perfect time with the BeatBuddy.

Having said that, all I really want is for two things: (1) I want to start the BeatBuddy and have the drum parts play through the entire song; and (2) I would like to be able to use BB Manger (or a midi editor) to insert midi commands so that the BeatBuddy will automatically trigger loop playback (and stop) at the appropriate time, so that I can focus on soloing, instead of tap dancing.

It seems that “(1)” will be coming with BB Manger 1.6. Is that correct? What about “(2)”?

Alternatively, is there any other hardware-based drum machine / midi controller that might be better able to accomplish the same thing?