Triggering One Press songs in Onsong?

I’m just starting to learn how to use on song wirelessly with the beat buddy. For the most part it’s working super well so far. But there’s a handful of songs that are the one press variety where the song is in the Outro. How do I send a command from OnSong to the Beatbuddy to start that type of song?

Most OP songs use the Outtro so you just need to send the code that triggers the outtro (or intro if that’s what was used).

CC 115 (0-127)

Thanks! What does the (0-127) value control.

0 = off and 127 = on
Oh and you also need to enable the BB to accept the command…

Access the menu on the BB (press DrumSet and Tempo at the same time) then
Main Pedal>
MIDI Settings>
MIDI IN> (press enter again over the ? sign)
scroll down to MIDI CC>
scroll down to OUTTRO (press again over the ? sign)
select ENABLE