Triple tap not working

I have accidentally done a double tap in the middle of a song several times and been unable to cancel the outro in time so decided to set my BB to “Triple Tap Stop” - alas no joy! it always goes to outro when I hit the pedal twice. I am sure there is a simple explanation? Any help appreciated!

Triple Tap Stop enables a special mode when you press pedal three times in a quick succession, your BeatBuddy stops immediately.
It doesn’t disable Double Tap from (correctly) triggering Outro.

Hope this helps.

What have you got your pedal set to? If it is trigger on initial press, try release. You can also cancel an Outro by pressing the pedal again before the end of the measure but there needs to be a slight pause, so it is difficult to execute in practice. I have found that pressing the pause during an outro can also stop the BB completely. You can also set the BB to stop completely by holding down the pedal, but for that you need to have the pedal set to trigger on release. Maybe an option in the BB to remove the ability of triggering outros from the pedal in which case you would have to assign one of the external footswitches for this function.

Thanks for the comments… Very helpful, I’ll try setting to trigger on release.