Trouble creating a new drum set with BBManager

I have an issue creating a new drum set with BBManager

  1. I created the samples in stereo wav files at 44,100 kHz and 16bit …
  2. I created and saved a new drumset and uploaded all the samples in it. After saving this new set, I try to play some songs and… no sound is produced! :frowning:

I have Win10, the wav files are stored in C:\Users\Myname\Documents\BBWorkspace\user_lib\wave_sources\New_set_WAVES but if try to play files from this location, with any player, it return me an “unplayable file” error.
I also tried to manually copy and overwrite the files in this location with the original wav files, but nothing :frowning:
Any suggestions?

That part scares me. I don’t know what you might have screwed up by doing that. Even when things appear to go wrong, as happened for you, only use BB Manager to manage files in BB drumkits. If you try using the computer’s OS, things go wrong.

Back to your original problem. I work on a Mac, so I can’t be sure that this caused your problem, but, I have seen problems with music creation programs used to make wavs adding meta data to the file, which causes BB to then fail to read the file. This is a known problem on Macs, as I deal with it daily. Perhaps Windows 10 is giving you the same problem. We have found that the workaround is to use a tag stripping program before putting the wav into a BB drumkit. You might try that.

At the point you are presently, I recommend you start an entirely new drumkit, and use wav files that are run through a tag stripper.

Thank you for your reply.
I tried both a tag stripper and re-save my wav files unchecking all the additional info… stll no sound :frowning:

Probably the error is in the wav files, even if I don’t understand which one.
I tried to create a new Drum set using the wav of other drumset already present on the beatbuddy and the procedure worked.
Comparing the characteristics of the files I don’t understand what the difference is with the ones I made using cubase10. Any suggestions?
Support please

Send me 2 of your wav files that aren’t working. Zip them together and attach them to a message. I’ll be building a new kit later today, and I’ll look at them. Maybe I’ll see the problem.

Sent! thak you :pray:

The other Phil told me about the program found at the link above, and it cured my problems. If the link takes you to the Mac page, the Windows download can be found at the bottom of the page.

I was able to replicate your problem. I downloaded and unzipped your wav files, and they play fine in Logic Pro X. I put them into a BB Drum kit, and upon restarting BB and opening that drum kit, the files did not play. This is precisely the behavior I had when I created my first drumkit and could not get my samples to play back.

After running the samples through NCH Switch, they work as desired. See the attached kit.

Test_House_Samples.drm (722.9 KB)

I believe NCH has a free version that works, which you can find at the link. As often as I use it, I just paid them the money. It’s well worth it.

Did you converted the wav files to mp3 files?

ah ok I got it, I converted wav to wav and now it works! Thanks so much!!!

I still would like to have a clarification from the official support on what are the characteristics of the wav files good for the beatbuddy so in the future I will save the further step of converting them.

Sorry, I should have explained Switch better. Glad you got it figured out. The only specs I have been able to get from Singular are “44.1 kHz 16 or 24 bit wav files.” Clearly there is something more to it, as I have had no success creating a wav straight out of Logic Pro X, and now you have had an issue with Cubase.

After a few days and many trials I finally understood.
By default our daw export wav files in ‘extensible format’ (I don’t know what it means), just search for and check the option “do not use extensible wav format” and the wav files will be accepted by Beatbuddy.
Hoping to be of help to others, I regret to see that there does not seem to be an exhaustive guide to the BBmanager (o.t. how does the MIDI editor works?!?) and that nobody in the official support has considered this topic.

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