Trouble finding a good blues beat

I purchased the BB in order to accompany myself playing some traditional Chicago blues stuff (Muddy waters, etc). I know there are a whole section of Blues beats, but I am having trouble finding something that goes with these songs (just something simple). Maybe I am doing something wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tell us the songs you’re interested in and folks here will probably upload something that suits you.

Search the web for midi blues drum loops. My belief is BB bought professionally recorded drum tracks so why not me. The price range is $20 -$30 for a package with hundreds of Blues loops.

How about “Blow Wind Blow” by Muddy Waters and “The Last Time” by Jimmy Rogers

Then what do I need the BB for?

BeatBuddy is a tool empowering you with a hardware way (read: you don’t need to use computer anymore) to play MIDI files.

I know nothing of any other compact device that is possible to do this.

To play the midi files you download. Midi files just contain information which controls the samples in the Beatbuddy.

Thanks-good point

How do I load these into the BB? Does it matter that I am using a Mac>

You should be able to do this with the Mac beta, create a new song and add the loops to it. Look at the tutorial sticky for the information on how to do that. If it is a long midi file over 500 midi events then you will need an external program to chop up the midi files and resave them, then add them.

I looked at the Mac beta-to me it’a a bit daunting. What do you mean by the “tutorial sticky?”

You either wait for the official Mac version, or use the Mac beta. Just follow the instruction and give it a go what have you got to loose? I can’t comment on the Mac beta, but you may find my tutorial videos helpful as well…


“Blow Wind Blow”

“The Last Time”

Thanks for the 2 files

You should have made a bigger list Kev …lol
Awesome , thanks Charles (Y)
love the blues … :wink:

Kev, Here is a simple beat that I use a lot for blues. It’s very simple as a “Boom-Chuk” beat but you can add your own fills, transitions, etc. Try it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.