Trouble loading new firmware on Mac


I have a MacBook Pro running version 10.9.5 and am unable to upload the new firmware to my BeatBuddy. I have a direct SD slot on my computer, so I simply added the firmware update to the SD card, but nothing appears to have been updated. The problem may be the zip drive not opening properly. The screen that you show in the firmware update directions, doesn’t look the same as what I see when I open the zip drive. Please help.


You need to unpack the firmware archive before putting it to the SD card.

Please follow the official instructions once again.

If you say your screen doesn’t look like shown - can you make a screenshot, upload it to, for example,, and post a link here?


When I try to open the zip drives I get a message that reads “app can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”


Go to settings in the Finder. I think it might be under the privacy tab where it will ask you if you want to open it anyway. I had to do this yesterday to install the TC Electronic Toneprint editor. Didn’t pop up with my BB firmware update.


I have no idea what is app.bin.cpgz, you probably don’t need it.
Copy the rest 5 files to the BeatBuddy SD card.


Do the zip drives need to be opened before loading them on the SD card? That’s where I’m having trouble - I can’t open them. When I try, I get the message “app can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”


The archive must be opened, and its contents should be then copied to the SD card. BeatBuddy is not able to read the archive for upgrading firmware.