Trouble moving full song files onto SD card

Any help is greatly appreciated! I have stumbled onto a “full song” file ending with .sng . I’m having trouble getting it on my SD card into my Project. I need this song to be the “one touch” “full song” that I’m hearing about.

Hey, Thomas. Hard to figure out how you’re going about this from your description. If you’re trying to do this from the operating system, it won’t work. If you haven’t read the user’s guide yet, this is a good time to stop and read it.
Not knowing otherwise what you’re doing, here’s the greatly abbreviated steps:

  • If the song includes bass, you’ll need to import the drum set with bass (it will probably sound best with the drum set it was created with).
  • You need to import a song (the sng file) using the BeatBuddy Manager. From there, you Save Project and then Sync Project to SD card.