Trouble with downloads

Im new to this and im struggling. First i tried to make a set list. Struggled but i think i got it… Now i bought the premium download package… I used my phone for the purchase but want to load it on my computer… I cant find it to download and cant get support. Everytime i go into the different sites i get redirected to sales pages and/or my passwords dont work. This sucks. Not a good experience with this product so far. What to
do? Ive tried the 13058096698 number and only get a leave a message recording.

Did you download to your phone? If it’s an iPhone, it could be in your iCloud//Downloads folder or in a folder named Files and you would have to move it to either iCloud or Dropbox. If you have a Mac computer, you could also transfer the file from your phone via Airdrop. Then it’s a matter of accessing the file on your computer. If your phone is other than an iPhone, the same general principles might work (except iCloud).

If you are unable to log on to your Singular Sound account, you’ll have to contact Support at and wait for them to get back to you.