Trouble with feedback. Help!

I’m having trouble at times with a constant hum in my mix. not all of the time but some and i’m not sure if it’s the venue or the mix itself. we are a duo with 1 acoustic and 2 mics, Yamaha monitor, Mackie mixer, a Sub and AV 12’’ PA speakers. No guitar amp , I am plugged straight into the mixer with my guitar and little BB volume going to the AV’s, most going to the monitor mainly to not blow the crowd out and for us to be able to hear the BB.

Some troubleshooting tips:
[]Does it hum only when you plug the pedal into your monitor? try a different amp or thru your PA; test thru your mixer to your speakers
]Is it constant or does it only happen thru your monitors? Try running it thru the PA speakers
[]Which BeatBuddy output are you using—the 1/4" or 1/8"? Try changing the output; try another patch cable from your pedal to your monitor or your PA
]Sometimes it might hum when you’re playing under or near fluorescent lighting
[]Make sure your patch cables are firmly seated
]Reload your firmware (2.0.4) to your SD card
[]Try a different SD card
]Are you running the pedal thru the power adaptor that comes with the pedal? If not, use the power adaptor
[]Do not use a daisy chained power supply with the BB
]A lot had been written about noise so you might want to check out these threads: