Trouble with Instalation

I think I have a blank SD card because when you go to Removable Disc J to download :x all I get is Params which is a empty folder Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Re: Trouble with Instalation - SD card blank/empty

Have a look through this topic.

It is actually called SD card blank, the description “Trouble with Instalation” is not…well very descriptive, that could be anything.

I have been trying to install this softwear for 4 days now I am very sorry if
I sound a little frustrated but I seem to be getting nowhere trying to install this project. From what i have seen
I am not the only one that is having trouble with this.
All I get is a message saying (selected location does not contain folder)

Any help would be much appreciated

It is difficult to know where to start, so let’s start at the beginning.

  1. Have you read the topic here which gives lots of information which I also cover in my tutorial video plus a bit more?

  2. Have you watched my first tutorial video?

I am pulling my hair out…like some others, can’t import “project” to populate the BB Manager from the SD card on first setup. I am using windows 8. I studied all the instructions and u-tube tutorials till `i am blue in the face. Still no success. The tutorial shows when SD card location is selected (root drive) there is a blank , but I get the root drive showing. I just keep getting a message that there is “no project at this location”. And I would like to add my frustration that this thing is still in beta, and no Mac version… Not happy…

Let’s start at the beginning.

  1. Does your BeatBuddy work?
  2. Can you see 5 folders on the SD card?
  3. Do you have a spare SD card at least 1gb in size and no more than 32gb?
  4. Have you downloaded the latest SD card backup from ?

Relief… solved my problem… can I share… might help. Installing BB Manager is no trouble at all. I think there are a number of users like me that really struggled to get the basic “Project” aka the SD Card data into the Manager. The root of my problem (see earlier post) was the content (or lack of content) of the SD Card. I used winzip to update my SD Card with the latest firmware, and looks like it screwed my card content. I went back to basics (I hear you…!!!) and downloaded the SD back up, replaced my data on the SD Card. Now, the key thing is… YOU HAVE TO USE RAR TOOL TO UNZIP THE FILE. Once that was done… just follow psalm u-tbe tutorial… result. Hope this helps.

I am aware that some people also received a damaged SD card which means the BeatBuddy won’t work at all, hence my first question.
Pleased you got it resolved, enjoy :slight_smile: