TRUCKIN' (opb) 1.1 - Grateful Dead

The riffs are obvious … enjoy.

Download Here

@Phil - This sounds great, but why is the BPM so far off? It sounds like it’s about 125-127 BPM like the recorded version, but actually has the BPM at 180. Playing along with it this won’t matter, but it makes working this version with a looper pretty much impossible.

Is it possible to get this into a state where the BPM of the file is right?

Edit - I see now. The output BPM appears to be ~120, but the song itself is set to 180 BPM in. So this effectively means that each measure of song as sung ends up being 1.5 measures long on the pedal.

However, that still means that the quarter note tempo syncs will line up, so it’ll still work with my looper! Thanks, I’m excited to add this one to our set!

Example of a live performance using this OPB: