Trying to edit an existing drum set by "save as" a new drum set so I can keep the original drumset

Hi guys,
What I´m trying to do is editing the Rock drumset so I can add a tambourine to it. I watched a video on youtube (

) where it’s shown how to do this by taking an existing drumset and and “save as” a new one (new file name so you don’t get confused), so then you can import it back to BBM and edit it (add the tambourine). By doing this you can keep the original drumset like it has always been and have the new one with the additional instrument.

So, what I´ve done until now is: double click on the Rock drum set twice, then the BBM asks for saving all the files first before you can edit it (ok) and then I go to the top of the BBM main options and did this: “Drumsets”>“Save Drumset As”> saved it as “New Rock Kit” into my Downloads folder. Everything ok until this point. BUT, then I did this: File>Import>Drumset and the “New Rock Kit” does not appear in the BBM drumset section. I dont understand why. It works for the youtube video guy, but not for me.

Thanks if anyone can give me a clue about this!


I realize that this isn’t the question you’re asking but did you know that the 1.1 version (Latin kit is 1.2) have been updated? The Rock 1.1 kit includes the tambourine. Just go to to download and install the Default BeatBuddy Content Update.

Here’s a link from Phil Flood:

Thanks persist. I went to the link you posted, and in the “Default BeatBuddy Content Update”, it says it was posted in June 23, 2016. I bought the pedal during June 2018. So why the content of my pedal would not have that update? I already checked the Rock drumset of my pedal and the instrument #54 (tambourine) is “Not Supported”, so I confirmed that my pedal does not have the 1.1 content update.

Great question. Although I don’t know the answer, I can only guess that Singular Sound had hundreds of SD cards produced with the older content and firmware and they’ve been shipping that way. Make sure you also have v2.0.4 of the firmware too.

Too bad if Singular Sound do like that. New products should have the latest updates. I´ll check the firmware version. Thanks for your help persist!