trying to edit drumkits...

Hi all,

I am having troubles editing drumkits…

I follow Psalm40 instructions Drum Set Editor Tutorial 2 - Modifying Kits and creating copies

and I get stuck when I have to import the kit… nothing new appear in the kit list… like it does not load it or it load it at the place of the old one?

I am really stuck, as I wanted to create some different kits but I can’t… any ideas? Thanks!

Is it <100MB?

yes it is, I just save an existing one set with another name to then change it, and I checked with a number of kits less then 100MB

See your forum inbox.

Thanks Persist for solving this, I share here the solution in case someone has the same problem:

Before you do the save as, rename the kit, save and then try the save as; then name the kit back to the original name, then import the renamed kit.