Trying to sync to pedal and got this message, see photograph


Need the BeatBuddy for tommorow in studio and stuck with this message whilst trying to sync to pedal, Help !

Try what Daefecator always suggests:

Is this an accent hit as I dont recognise it. Is your SD card write protected, try removing it from the song.

I must have been very fortunate as I have never had any problems or errors while syncrionising, at the beginning it was greyed out often, but now I can’t remember when the last time was.

Hi Psalm40,

Thanks for quick reply,

For some reason when I uploaded be software this morning my accent hit boxes were all showing “undefined file” for some reason and was okay yesterday so I went into the wav folder and uploaded them again, shall I delete them all but that will leave me without a accent hit ?


Just deleted the accent hit from all from my songs created but still no joy, I am on a really tight schedule today and put aside time to work on this and grrrr computers, just wanna work on guitar with drums…



The above is the blues song folder and you can see the “undefined file” box

Looks like your project got corrupted :frowning:

I’d suggest you start over with a clean project that you can download from the download page.
Then fast import all those extra songs you’ve probably downloaded from the site to there.

Then simply move four folders Psalm40 already mentioned here to the root (top level) of BeatBuddy SD card.

Yes, I know that feels embarassing to have to go through all these issues. I have long term plans to simplify the process.


Thanks for prompt reply, i have about 15 songs on the BB which are on the pedal, desperate not to lose those, can you just guide me through so if i start with a clean project i can transfer my songs stored on the pedal memory card to the BBManager software,

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I will be pretty busy in the next like 8-9 hours, but I can do that for you after that amount of time.
Just pack everything you have on the SD card right now into one huge ZIP (or RAR) archive and upload it to somewhere in the internet and provide me the link. That way I will be able to help you restore everything later this day.

After that, open BBManager, Import Project from Pedal to get all the SD card content. (This may already fix your issue! Check this out).
Go from song to song, and use Export Song for every modified (or newly added) song. Store all the exported SNGs where you can find them.
After this is done, close BBManager, erase your SD card content (you must already have a backup archive!) and erase the project (all the folders) that you created earlier when importing project from pedal. You won’t need these anymore. They are most likely bugged. All you need is that exported SNG files.

Download a clean project, open it in BBManager. Proceed to Import Song for all the SNG files you made. After that, save project, close BBManager and simply copy the four content folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS to your SD card.

If at anytime you feel you completely messed up, don’t panic. I will manually do what I just wrote for you in 8-9 hours (given you provide me the link to the archive!).


As a alternative and perhaps easier (you tell me) i have access to another computer, could i just upload fresh BB Manager onto that and then transfer the contents from the memory card onto the fresh BBManager, note that the Beatbuddy plays fine itself and plays okay so the contents on the memory card are not stuffed and have just copied the contents of the memory card onto another new memory card for security.
It’s only the BBManager that appears to have a problem,


P.S. zip files and all that is over my head

Then the solution is probably easy for you. Simply erase the project from your computer (not SD card!).
In BBManager, use File > Close Project. Then Import Project from Pedal to create a new project from SD card.
You can do this either on another machine or your own one.

YEESSSSSSS it’s working, Thank you for your guidance and can you please tell me where i apply to get 4 hours of my life back :wink: